Segway Hoverboards in the UK

Now that the hoverboard hype has abated we have arrived at a new juncture in the hoverboard Segway market. Segway hoverboards are now a 100 times safer than when the hype in 2015 and 2016 were at their height.

People have now realised that is only so much fun to glide on a hoverboard and are adding new exciting features such as bluetooth to their hoverboards, new designs on hoverboards are appearing, and most excitingly a new way of moving using Segway hoverboards . A hoverboard Segway turned gokart.  The hoverboards have become mure sturdy, the wheels are now inflated instead of being just rubger. This means that the ride on Swegway hoverboards have become smoother. Undoubtely the use of hoverkarts have added a new dimension to hoverboards. You are low on the ground like in a gokart and are whizzing at speeds which seem so much faster than when you are standing on your Segway hvoerboard. It seems as if the speeds when standing are slower because of the wind resistance. Hoverkarts are the greatest fun you can have on a Segway hoverboard. These hoverkarts are particularly popular with parents who want to get their kids to play outdoors again. Give your child the experience to get a thrill whilst outdoors without harming the environment with toxic petrol. Hoverkarts are the healthiest way of getting a thrill with gokarting. Turn your Segway Hoverboard into a gokart today.

The best hoverboard websites to get great Segway hoverboards from is the very professionally run ‘The Official Swegway’ and the website of the wholesaler ‘Hoverboard-UK’. You will note a difference¬† ‘The Official Swegway‘ is easier to navigate than hoverboard uk. The reason is most likely the fact that one site is for the hoverboard trade and the other one is for the end user.