Cheap Segway

What is the Top Speed of a Hoverboard?

A Hoverboard’s top speed is decided by a few different factors:
the wheel size,
the electric motors’ power
and the security choices of the company.

6.5″ hoverboards

The top speed of a 6.5 inch hoverboard is 10 mph (16 kph).

Cheap Segway 8″

8.5″ Hoverboards

The 8-inch wheel version on the website of Hoverboard UK is by far the fastest 8″ cheap Segway available in the UK, with a top speed of 13 mph (21 kph) – that’s scarily fast!

10″ Hoverboards
The 10-inch version goes even faster still and it is better off-road.
The maximum speed of a 10″ cheap Segway is equal to an 8″ board, but the advantage is that you can ride over cracks because of its’ inflatable tyres.

To summarise, the 10 inch board is great for taller drivers who want to use their hoverboards outdoors, whereas the 6.5 inch is ideal for those looking for a toy with less battery life and struggles when going off piste.