40 million fire extinguishers recalled – Buy better one at Robology

Because of 391 reports of failed or limited activation, 40 million Kidde fire extinguishers are recalled in the United States, a U.S. consumer safety agency said. They failed to work and caused one death in 2014.

The fire extinguishers could become clogged or currently need excessive force to discharge, and as a result, can fail to activate during an emergency.

The recall includes 134 models of Kidde plastic handle fire extinguishers made between 1973 and August 2017, including models that were previously recalled in 2009 and 2015.

Eight models of Kidde’s push-button Pindicator fire extinguishers made between 1995 and September 2017 are also being recalled.

What can you do if you live in the UK and bought a Kidde fire extinguishers?
Chuck them and get yourself Tectro fire extinguishers.
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Kitchen fire extinguisherTectro
Kitchen fire extinguisherTectro

Without a doubt Kidde fire extinguishers will be recalled in the UK as well.
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Finding the fastest fidget spinner

Fast fidget spinner

What it is exactly that is so fascinating about fidget spinner I cannot tell. But I can tell that the faster and longer they spin the more satisfying the experience becomes.

Fidget spinner are hypnotic. Once you stare at this whirring toy you cannot stop. Maybe that is how they manage to calm kids suffering from ADHS? And if your brain learns to concentrate on one thing, it is not a big step to concentrate on something else – like the math teacher. Or an essay that needs writing. This is just speculating, but until in-depth research has been undertaken and published, I like to believe this is true.

Fidget spinner logo uk

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Adventures in Yellow – traveling through America on two wheels

Ever dreamt of just taking off and go, like traveling through the United States of America by bike?

This is what husband and wife team, Norman and Maggie Magowan’s did. They grabbed their BMW’s, shipped them from the UK to America and off they went. Thankfully they documented their experiences.

Told in two books, Adventures in Yellow is a warm and funny account of an epic 15 month, 35,500-mile, tour through the Americas along the Pan American Highway.

Many dream of just setting off and chase the horizon, only a few dare.

Adventures in Yellow Book 1:  Leprechauns in Latin America

Traveling by bike through South America

Adventures in Yellow Book 2:  Leprechauns in Alaska

From Panama to the Arctic Ocean

Adventures in Yellow part 1
Adventures in Yellow
part 1
Adventures in Yellow part 2
Adventures in Yellow
part 2









The excellent book cover design is by good cover design – professional, reliable, affordable.

Electric Adult Scooter

Electric Adult Scooter

Updated 02/05/2017

Foldable Electric Adult Scooter

Powerful, smooth and quiet electric adult scooter with 5.5″ tires and 250W brushless motor. (EBS) with mechanical brake assist when pressing the back fender. This  allows the battery to recharge during braking. Sturdy carbon construction with a folding latch design, long stable handlebar.  It holds the 23, 18650 batteries. A bright front light made of LED. This adult electric scooter rund in three speed modes which you can set from your phone.

Thereafter just twist the handle and feel the breeze.
This is the first time an affordable carbon scooter is available by a seller who is in the UK.

Our electric adult scooter is a top seller not only in 2017, but in the years to come. Everybody is in a hurry, but not so much that they want to miss the world passing. To ride on adult electric scooters feels a lot faster than driving the same speed in a car. Also because you will be riding on pavement.

Charge the battery in only 4 hours.