To avoid endangering yourself when extinguishing a fire use biodegradable fire exgtinguishers.

Have a look at this video to understand just one aspect of the dangers when using conventional fire extinguishers

Considering the easy accessibility of fire extinguishers and its possible use for suicidal or homicidal purposes, physicians and practitioners working in emergency departments should be aware of these issues.

A report describes the result of inhaling MAP, a dry chemical powder present in fire extinguishers, in a 25-year-old healthy man with normal renal function resulting in hyperphosphatemia (11.0 mg/dL) , hypocalcemia (ionized calcium, 1.18 mg/dL; total calcium, 3.6 mg/dL), hypomagnesemia (1.2 mg/dL), seizures, and 4 episodes of pulseless polymorphic ventricular tachycardia requiring defibrillation.