Electric Adult Scooter

Electric Adult Scooter

Updated 02/05/2017

Foldable Electric Adult Scooter

Powerful, smooth and quiet electric adult scooter with 5.5″ tires and 250W brushless motor. (EBS) with mechanical brake assist when pressing the back fender. This  allows the battery to recharge during braking. Sturdy carbon construction with a folding latch design, long stable handlebar.  It holds the 23, 18650 batteries. A bright front light made of LED. This adult electric scooter rund in three speed modes which you can set from your phone.

Thereafter just twist the handle and feel the breeze.
This is the first time an affordable carbon scooter is available by a seller who is in the UK.

Our electric adult scooter is a top seller not only in 2017, but in the years to come. Everybody is in a hurry, but not so much that they want to miss the world passing. To ride on adult electric scooters feels a lot faster than driving the same speed in a car. Also because you will be riding on pavement.

Charge the battery in only 4 hours.