German English translation and proof reading

New translation kids on the block. A brand-new female collective of translators and proof readers at Wowtext based in London are mixing things up a bit. The focus of Wowtext is translating, proof reading and trans creation. It happens a lot that people with a good grasp of English who are not native speakers are using their skills to write websites. Unbeknown to them there are typically a lot of mistakes in the content.

Wowtext’s team consists of native speakers of English (British to be specific) and Germans who are working alongside each other to find the best wording possible. The team has 30 years of experience in writing content in Enlish and German (journalism)

The focus of Wowtext are events, festivals, architecture and sociology, but they are happy to consider other niches as well.

This is what Wowtext translation service say on their website

We are a brand new London collective of translators – born 2018.

Our passion: music, film, architecture, theatre, art and cultural life.

Our collective: culturally competent women in their prime – from all walks of life.

Our job:
translating German cultural websites into contemporary English.
proofreading and transcreation of English language texts on German cultural websites.

Our guiding principle: We internationalise your Internet presence!

Why Us
because we offer professional German-English translations according to the mother tongue principle:
In order to deliver first-class quality, WowTEXT always involves at least two people in a translation project: a native speaker of the source language German, who prepares a first version of the translation, and a native speaker of the target language English, who then reads the translation for proofreading and adapts it as advertising, information, PR, presentation or content text. But that’s not all:

In the final editing, the translator of the first version and the native speaker copywriter of the second version discuss the content of the edited text one last time. Only then will you receive the finished English text.

Things to know

Maulfaul, Leitmotiv, Heimat, Gesamterlebnis are examples of words which  cannot be translated one to one from the source language into the target language. German slang like the word “Herausklamüsern”, newly manufactured words like “Verschlimmbesserung” or “fremdschämen” have to be represented as a sentence in order to translate the same expression into English.

Climbing the property ladder’ is an example of an English expression that does not exist in German. Also the conscious equality of women in German written communication is not feasible in English in the same way.

Many people can communicate well in English. Many even read original English books. But is that enough to offer professional translations?

The short answer is no. Conversational English may be a good, first basis, but at WowTEXT we get to the bottom of the subtleties of a text. Our translations are evidence of an understanding of Anglophone cultural landscapes and their ways of expression.
When does a translation into English become necessary?

if you would like to cooperate with artists and cultural practitioners from all over the world
if you would like to attract international visitors* to your cultural institution
if you would like to address sponsors* and sponsors* worldwide
if you are planning to go on tour with your theatre, film, concert productions abroad…

…then we will gladly internationalise your internet presence!